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    Help Always Opens as Blank Page using IE11


      When using IE11, all attempts to access my organization’s published Help file displays a blank page with no URL shown. I have seen similar forum discussions on this topic but nothing that has helped us crack this problem.


      The Help file is generated in RH11 and version 11.0.3. We recently upgraded, but had the same problem with IE11 using RH10.

      Our in-house testing shows this behavior does not occur when opening the Help on IE10 or the latest versions of FireFox, Chrome, and Safari. The Help opens successfully when using these other browsers (although two pages open when using FireFox, one of which is the Help and the other is a blank page).


      A developer on my team found the following javascript error when attempting this action in IE11: ‘Permission Denied in whcsh_home.htm line 295’. When I checked the whcsh_home.htm file in the WebHelp output, it points to the following where the segment in BOLD is line 295:

      function postWindowNSOpen()




                                        if (gsURL)






      If this is truly the source of the problem, we’re not sure how to resolve. Any assistance anyone can provide would be appreciated.


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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Assuming that JavaScript has been enabled on the browser, I’ve found that adding the location of the help as a Trusted Location in your Tools > Options > Security tab fixes a bunch of issues.

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            I'm having a similar problem. In my case, when opening help the first time (using a call to RoboHelp_CSH.js), the help window works properly.  If I do not close the help window and click a help link (same call to RoboHelp_CSH.js), the help window blanks out entirely. I'm not sure if roblinc61 has a different copy of the whcsh_home.htm file than I do, but line 295 for me is three lines lower (goNewWnd.document.location.href=gsURL;).


            The only answers I've been able to find about this error message relate to the same origin policy which should not apply to me as I am building an intranet application in which the help is held in a directory of the main site and is accessed through relative paths (in .NET I'm setting the starting point as ~/Help/index.htm).

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              Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Interesting – I’m getting the blank page too & 2 additional fully-skinned browser windows spawned off also. They both have the content of the second topic launched; the first window’s CSH content is gone. Guess most of my users close the first window before launching the help again in another spot.