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    Re-link files with a different extension

    ToddNewOrleans Level 1

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      I haven't seen a solution to this, but the question has been posed.


      I was sent a hard drive with media to edit. I had to change the file extension of all the clips (long story). The clips however, are named the same.

      I'm working with a director in another state who has the same clips I had to change the file extension to. He has edited a rough cut using the the QT clips and sent me the PP Project. I'm trying to re-link the clips, which total 350. I can manually re-link these to my clips with the different extension....which is a pain. I would like to batch link these. Is there any way to do this?


      We are both working in CC2014 v8.1


      I'm in Windows, he's on a Mac, which is no problem as we've worked on films like this before.


      Also, the reason I had to change the ext is a ling story. I just need to know if batch re-linking is possible with a different ext.





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          Peferling Level 4

          Short answer:  No.


          Now about the real issue:  without knowing the details to your "long story", is it possible to just associate the files with the different extension to run in QuickTime in windows?  If they are QT based, it should work.


          file associations.jpg

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            jstrawn Adobe Employee

            The Locate file dialog sees the original file as different from another file with the same name but a different extension (e.g. myvideo.mov --> my video.mts), so that part has to be done manually for each file. How did you change all the extensions in the first place? Did you transcode, capture/ingest and log separately with corresponding file names, or manually change the extensions? (or some other method I'm not thinking of?)


            If you're wanting to do some sort of proxy workflow,  here is a good tutorial on how to do that in Pr CC:

            Working with proxy files in Premiere Cs6 Tutorial - YouTube

            But it assumes that you named both sets of files with the EXACT name and extension when you set up your workflow. So you need to find a way to change those extensions back without making them unplayable. Peferling's suggestion might work, but I think you'll still have to manually change all the extensions back or find some script to do it for you.

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              jstrawn Adobe Employee

              Posted by ToddNewOrleans in a duplicate (now deleted) thread:

              Hi, and thank you both for replying.

              I received the footage which was encoded using a tricaster. I was given a hard drive which contained these files and a PP Project, all having a Quciktime wrapper. When I tried to open the project and link the media, I kept getting a "file import failure", error message "codec missing or unavailable". However my colleague is able to open them. I'm on a pc, he's on a Mac. I've never had any issues importing media. When I checked the codec on the clips, it says xd54. I researched and it was shown as XD Cam codec, which I've never had a problem with. I researched and found that it might be a proprietary Avid or FCP version. I was unable to open any of them in QT Pro (up to date), but was able to open them in Media Player Classic. This lead me to believe that there was something wrong with the wrapper and the codec.  I started thinking about it and changed the file extension on a clip to .mp4 and was able to import it. I dup'd the folder and batched changed the file extension of all the clips.


              I downloaded a trial version of a Calibrated XD Cam Decode which worked on the QT clips but left a watermark and cost $150, out of my budget for this film.


              I read somewhere that PP doesn't understand a Quicktime wrapper using that codec, as it isn't normal to have that. I have a Sony EX3 Cam which encodes as .mp4's and also use the Sony FS100 which encodes as .mxf's. XDcam is a Sony codec.


              IDK...I'm trying to understand all this myself. That's why I was hoping to re-link with a different extension as it took forever to re-link these clips. I will be sent another project ile using those same QT's that don't work.


              GRRR! LOL!