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    Issue with cursor(200) in an IE Shockwave movie?

      Has anyone else encountered or fixed this issue before?

      I have my cursor hidden with cursor(200) and am using a custom piece of art to follow the mouseLoc in its place. This workd fine in Firefox and the executable version of the movie, however in IE the -1 cursor will blink in over the piece of art on mouseDown. When the cursor's position is updated or on mouseUp the cursor resets to 200 and all is good again.

      I've tested placing:
      on mouseEnter me
      sprite(me.spriteNum).cursor = 200
      end mouseEnter

      in the behaviors of my sprites to no avail.

      I've gone back to some older movies created at my company using the same code I am using and now they have this issue too, when they did not before. Is this a known issue with the Shockwave player? or IE? (I happened in IE6 and IE7)