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    Video (tape style) drop out in Quicktime Pro Res HQ


      Hi Community


      Just wondering if anyone has come across any solutions to an issue that is happening quite regularly to me in PP CC 14.


      I have tape style drop out that appears sporadically while playing on the timeline and again after export. I have tried to export at sequence settings and through AME but the drop out remains.


      I'm not sure if many of you will know what I mean by drop out, we used to see it a lot with tapes way back when (I shoot onto SSD's in QT ProRes HQ) but it is essentially a line or block of pixels (like bad compression) that flash up on a frame and then switch to a different pattern in the next frame. The problem is sporadic and there is no rhyme or reason to it as far as I can tell.


      I have tried different filters and plug ins but it tends to show up regardless.


      Any ideas?