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    Program monitor only showing part of clip.



      My program monitor only shows part of a clip during playback, though output to an external monitor is fine. If I stop playback and click in the monitor window, the clip is displayed correctly, but reverts back to partial when playing back.


      This started happening today after installing Matrox tools update to 5.1 and latest matrox effect patterns.  Everything else is perfect inc source monitor.


      Have tried may settings changes, new projects old projects, new clips etc etc but its the same every time.  Any ideas what has gone wrong? Its been running perfect for last 4 years.  Is it worth reinstalling CS5 and would I have to reinstall Matrox also?


      Windows 7 system 64 bit;  2 x 2,66 quad xeon processors;  4Gb ram;

      ATI 4670 512mb graphics card;

      Prem Pro CS5

      Matrox RT.X2


      Many thanks