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          Is there
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            Do you have a link we can look at?

            Basically, text on a webpage is either part of a image or html text. If
            you are introducing text with html then CSS is the best way to change
            the look and feel of it. If you are introducing text as an image then
            the sky is the limit.

            If you show us a page then it will be a lot easier to suggest some


            webbmanjones wrote:
            > Help
            > Hi i have done a webpage in fire works, when i import the png into dreamweaver
            > the text looks rubish, i would like to know how to add text over the png, i
            > have tried adding a layer but when i look at the page in the browser the layer
            > is no where near the area it is suppose to be.
            > Please help
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              Please note that if you "put" text inside the web image or graphic file around Fireworks, and then export the file (image or graphic) to Dreamweaver and if you make an attempt to edit text around that image/graphic, it is not going to happen that way.

              Please try to understand that you could create basic web image (photos) and graphic files around Fireworks, while you can create HTML web page with Dreamweaver.

              I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish the task you would like to see it happen, if you have a web page where we can take a look at and offer some tip or suggestion based on the information we see.


              Originally posted by: webbmanjones
              Is there a way of exporting this document from fireworks so that the text can be edited in dreamweaver?