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    Comparing Lists

      In my application I use an edit form with checkboxes. There are two levels for the checkboxes, a Category and Subcategories for each Category. When the user submits the form, i need to compare what is currently in the database against what was submitted. If a Subcategory within a Category was deselected by the user, I need to remove the corresponding record from the DB. If a Category was deselected, I need to remove all the corresponding records for the Category from the DB. If a Category not previously selected has been checked then I need to insert a new record and the same if a Category and Subcategory were checked. There is no restriction that both a Category and at least one Subcategory be selected. The user can simply select a Category and no Subcategorie.

      I have queried the DB for the current information, stored the results in an array and then converted the array to a list. The DB list is in the form Category, Subcategory. The information from the form is already in list form as Category, Subcategory. I am having a devil of a time figuring out the logic to find the differences and take the appropriate action. Has anyone worked on a similar project and can offer some advice?