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    Show all and Hide all

      I've created a simple topic using RH 2002 as follows:
      Login Screen:

      Purpose: You can enter into the main screen of the application

      1. User Name
      2. Password
      3. OK
      4. Cancel

      For each of the above-mentioned field, i've created drop-down hotspot text (for ex. when i click "User Name" it displays some content and so on....)
      ========================================================================================== =======

      My requirement is as follows:

      I want to create a "Show all (button /text) at the right hand side of the topic, so that it displays all the hotspot text which i've created for all the fields....and the "Show all" button should get changed to "Hide all" and similarly if i click this "hide all" button the hotspot text should get hidden....

      Is this achievable or cumbersome...can anyone help me to achieve this...