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    Prel 13 saved project files will not open, or Prel stops working.


               Sandgrass-Saved files of Prel 13 projects will not open in Prel 13.  Is there any way to reclaim/alter these files to where they will open? Could there be a missing codec? 

              My computer—Hpe 580t, Win 7 Professional 64-bit OS with second internal 1 TB hard drive;

                 Intel R Core, TM i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07 GHz,      RAM 9.00GB

      All of my clips and stills were taken on my Nikon CoolPix P500.  They will import just fine from PSE organizer or from Prel 13 organizer and I can edit just fine. The trouble seems to be when I attempt to open the saved project files for further editing or adding  movie theme and scene markers for a 54-minute movie.

                         I have tried opening from within Prel 13 and from the stored files on my Data Drive E:.  Prel opens the project and tries to load; then an error msg appears:  “Premiere Elements has stopped working.  Windows will close the program and let you know if a solution is found”, or an error message says "Cannot open:---this file is not compatible with Pre"l.  Only one copy of several edited and rendered copies of the project will open, and I am very afraid to touch it until someone can maybe suggest a solution.  I tried saving copies of the one working file, but none of them will open. Thank you for your assistance.      Sandgrass