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    Mobile apps for Android?

    Dawnsy84 Level 1

      Are the new mobile apps that are currently apple only coming to android? I have an amazing 10 inch galaxy note with an equally good stylus and cannot get these apps on my device??? I was very disappointed when the previous "touch" apps were binned! I think it is unfair that so many things are omitted for all the non-apple users, The hardware on my Note is I think better than any of the available I-pad-stylus set-ups on the market at the moment. And I don't have any decent vector drawing tools to use on it.


      Additionally although I have a CC subscription I am unable to use the available Photoshop app without paying a further £6.99????? What's that all about?


      Apologies for the moaning but I am quite disgruntled, I love Adobe software but this lack of development and recognition for a very prominent I-pad competitor really annoys me!