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    How does the web user drag the image left or right?

    Steve Zeeeee Level 1
      Folks, I'm ignorant in this stuff, yet I think I can work my way thru with some help. I have a panoramic photo that extends off the stage left and right, which is ok. I made it a movie clip. I would like to have the user be able to click and drag this movie clip of an image to see the missing areas, or even do that thing where the mouse moves away from center and the picture follows (unless that is way too tough). Got to be able to ONLY move left and right; no up and down. I tried the help files, and even copy pasted but got a lot of errors I cant understand, and lots of my help files are missing anyway. I dont know vars, and classes, and objects etc, so i guess I am looking for code or clues.

      If anyone is kind enough to provide code, be sure to let me know what parts of the sample code requires substitution because I have seen stuff where you all know the abreviations, but I dont.

      Flash 7 Mac osx.4.8