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    Premiere Elements 11, a frame of a clip gets brighter when I have a mask

    cyrax037 Level 1

      I'm having an issue with premiere elements 11.  I'm working on a pretty intensive project.  I have scenes in my short film where I have to use a mask to clone myself. 
      For the most part I'm using a track matte key and a mask I made in photoshop.    But I also have one scene when I am using a 16 point matte to combine the two clips.
      I've already color graded the footage to match and everything.    The issue I'm having though,  is when I render the timeline,  I'm getting these flashes. In a single frame, one of the two scenes will get brighter.
      This sometimes happens in several spots,  but its never in both clips at the same time.


      On this one scene where I am using a 16 point matte,   I have another video layer where I have this ball of light effect, and I have used motion keyframes to keep it aligned with the charecters hand. 
      now, it was fine,  untill I put in my circle matte I made in photoshop on a layer above that, and used the track matte key, so the ball of light would shrink smoothly, instead of having the square frame close in. (I made the ball of light by shining a flashlight into my camera in a dark room,  so there is a slight illumination that fills the whole frame, and that square frame is visible. So I use my circle matte to blend it out)


      Anyway,  now that scene is flashing in at least two parts, only on one of the main video clips,  obviously causing a differnce in brightness between the two clips that are masked togeather.


      nothing I do can get rid of it. I've tried deleting the track matte key effect and the circle matte layer,  but its gotten locked in there. Those single frames that change brightness.

      The changed frame does not fall in alignment with any of the keyframes, and there are no transitions in those spot eaither, on any layer.


      I don't know what to do.