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    Distorted picture after exporting as PDF




      I actually have a problem with a project. When I export my project as a PDF, one logo (.psd file) of the project is all in all relatively sharp, but on one side there are additional pixels which make the picture on this side blurred. I don't know why it happens, because some of the other imported pictures are a .psd file, too.

      After I import the picture I scale it down but the problem appears already before the scaling.

      I tried two different methods to import the picture. First time I simply imported it via drag and drop and after that I tried it with file -> place.


      I use Indesign CC and exported the project with this settings(I hope the german language isn't an obstacle) :


      I tried different compressions but the issue still appears.

      Here is the problem in a picture. As you can see in the PDF there is like an additional line:


      Does anybody know a solution for my problem? The logo has 300ppi.