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    Problem with Importing into Lightroom


      I have Lightroom 5.3 64 bit installed on a Windows 7 SP1 machine. I have two pairs of mirrored HDDs for image file storage.

      Capture 3.PNG

      I: and J: are both mirrored pairs of HDDs (four discs). When I first imported the "Panorama images" image files on the (I:) drive into Lightroom, the file called "8 bit Adobe RGB Panos" was corrupted on the drive; the "8 bit Adobe RGB Panos" files were not accessible from Lightroom or Photoshop or Windows. (The screen shot above is comparable to a before-and-after screen shot; the (J:) is like the before and the (I:) is like the after screen shot. The "8 bit Adobe RGB Panos" file is there before importing into LR, but it is missing after "Panorama images" is imported into LR.) 


      Below is what Windows and Lightroom showed after the Import of "Panorama images" into LR.




      second image.PNGCapture 1.PNG


      I replaced the "8 bit Adobe RGB Panos" file, from backup media. I tried Importing the files a second time, and the same thing happened again. At that point I gave up on importing any part of the "Pano" image files into LR.



      Next: I also have image capture files, camera card downloads, archived on the same mirrored arrays, in the "My Pictures" file. When I tried to Import the latest file of camera images into Lightroom from "My Pictures", LR again erased or corrupted the "8 bit Adobe RGB Panos" files, on both arrays, and again "8 bit Adobe RGB Panos" disappeared, and again I had to replace it from backup media.


      This is very irritating. Very very irritating. At this point it makes Lightroom more harmful that useless.

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          Sounds like you are experiencing hardware failure, Lightroom does not adjust or write to files or images contained in the catalog. These images are purely referenced in the lightroom catalog.


          From your image above when you imported the images from the folders they were on the F:\ drive (now titled System Reserved) NOT the I or J drives so Lightroom doesn't know where they are.


          This help file will guide you: Lightroom Help | Locate missing photos

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            jadazu Level 1

            The reason for the different drive designation is the assignment when the drives have been remounted.. The first time this occurred, the machine had one two-drive-array, "Photo Storage RAID (F:)". When I imported into LR the "Panorama images" file, the  "8 bit Panos Adobe RGB"  file path was lost. The files could not be found in PS or LR.  Windows Explorer could not find the files, and showed the odd "8BITAD-1". All of the other files in the "Panorama images" file were imported into the LR catalog.


            I then replaced both discs in the RAID array with new HDDs, and rewrote the files on to them, and remounted the array (new letter assignment for the drive). I then, a few months later, tried to again Import the Panorama images file into LR. And the exact same thing happened.


            I removed and rewrote both arrays, the new disc pair and the old disc pair, and remounted them, now they are drives (I:) and (J:). (One pair is  mounted to the board disc controller, and the other pair is mounted on a PCI SATA controler card,


            I then imported "My pictures" (not the "Panorama Images" file) from the (I:) drive into LR, and the "8 bit Adobe RGB panos" again disappeared from the (I:) drive, That is the top screen capture. I then tried to Import the "My Pictures" file from the (J:) drive, and the "8 bits Adobe RGB panos" file disappeared from the (J:) drive; the (J:) file path looked the same as the (I:) file paths in the top screen capture. 


            LR imported about one half of the "My Pictures" files from the drives; all files between 2016 and 2012 were not imported into the LR catalog (The "My pictures" content files are named by dates, year_month_day). 


            LR is installed on a 250 gig SSD, and the catalog is also located there. (I have used PS with mirrored arrays since Windows 2000 and BX-133 MBs and PS5,)


            (when the 8 bit panos go missing, they are missing from windows too)