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    WHEN will a complete revamp occur for PS TOUCH for Android Tablet?

    KAREHN Level 1

      My work as an arist is diverse. One of the programs I ABSOLUTELY needto rely upon to rely on, whilst away from my office, for Photoshop projects is PS TOUCH! Deadlines are imminent and this app was created to help that process along.


      How does one do that when painting is an absolute mess since the brush quality was downgraded?  I switch between Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for tablet and PS Touch for painting because Autodesk has the best brush quality and variety of brushes, like my CS6 on my computer at the office. PS TOUCH has dark edges when one color is painted over another and THE worst brushe types with extremely limited options to switch them up.

      In SketchBook Pro it is GREAT TO ONLY need to deal with a COLOR WHEEL, opacity and size. OH YES, one cannot forget to mention that THE EYE DROPPER TOOL TO PICK A COLOR WITH IS GENIUS WITHOUT GOING INTO THE BRUSH SETTINGS as in PS Touch. Only an artist could have thought of that and brought it to fruition because most likely that is the easiest and fasteat way TO pick a color.


      Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for tablet has FOUR blending brushes. What a rush!!  Why should I need to switch between programs? Because the blending 'brush', found on the left side of the PS Touch screen, screws the colors up!!  PS TOUCH SHOULD be my everything for all Photoshop projects.


      All my folders do not even show up in PS Touch for tablet. Why? PS Touch for tablet is horrible and will not advocate its use until it is improved substantially. 

      So, Adobe app writers, when will this app live up to the care and attention put into the desktop and cloud version?