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    Parsing Error

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      I have used Premier on three different computers to make DVDs and Blu Ray disks. I am using Premier CC with Encore CS6 on two computers. Everything has gone normally on two of the computers. I am using premier for the first time on the third computer. The only differences i am aware of, between what I have been doing on the other two computers are that i don't have any audio in the latest project, and, I am working with large digital stills. I am getting an error i have never seen  before when i import the video and audio into Encore.


      I create a .m2v and .wav file using Premier. Then I import these two files as Asset in Encore. I then get this error message:

      Adobe Encore

      Error Parsing MPEG metadata file. Deleting or renaming "E:\Filename.m2v.xmpses" will allow you to import, but any markers will be lost.


      If I delete the file I can import and make my Blu Ray disk, but the chapter markers don't work. I have moved no files.


      What am i doing wrong ? I searched the forum and found some information, but it wasn't conclusive. Something about modifying the xmpses file. Is that the correct solution ?

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          I talked to Adobe technical support. They seem to think it is a problem with Encore CS6, and they proudly state they will not update Encore. Of course this is absurd because we never had problems with Encore until Premier CC. It is Premier CC that has problems. But Adobe cannot see it. Talk about living in denial. Premier without Encore is like a car without an engine. Everything is there, but we can't go anywhere.


          So I think the best option is to stop using CC and go back to CS6, which didn't have such problems.

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            Anyone have any idea if I can open a project started in Premier CC, in Premier CS6 ?