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    new with flas, need help plz

      hi, i am new with flash never used before need a bit of small help, i need to make a flash movie introduction kind of thing but having a bit of difficulty, basically what i want to do is make my back ground flash 2 or 3 time and then stop but cant figure it out what effect it needs or how to do it, somthing like this http://www.blackfintech.com/flash_blackfin.html, if any body can help or guide me to the right path i would be really apperictae theirs help, thanksss
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          Sketchsta Level 1
          im sure that effect is done on the timeline.
          one way to create that would be, to have the blue BG on the bottom layer... and a white rectangle over the blue BG, with Alpha set to 0%

          Then you just add keyframes to the points where you want it to flash white, and set the alpha to 100%, and afew frames later, set the alpha back to 0%, then add a Motion Tween to the frames from 100% to 0%.
          That would make the white rectangle slowly fade away, leaving only the blue BG.

          repeat the process for as many flashes as you want.