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    How would I go about making a gradient overlay in AE


      So, I recently made the move from Lightworks over to the Creative Cloud suite and I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish some of the same effects that I had produced in Lightworks. I can figure out most things that I need to do in Premiere Pro on my own, but I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to reproduce an animated image overlay. Put simply, the steps are:


      1. Gradient slides into the viewing area and the entire height of the screen from the right side and goes about 35% of the way from right to left during the animation.

      2. While the gradient is fading in, icon images of game materials are slowly fading in.

      3. Text describing the amounts of each item needed are are also slowly fading in during this time.

      4. After about 2 seconds, the gradient stops advancing from right to left, the text is @ 100% opacity and so are the icon images.

      5. This lasts about 6-8 seconds with the information fully visible on the screen.

      6. The process reverses itself, and everything fades out over the same 2 second time period.


      An example of exactly what I'm referring to is here (linked to correct timecode just before animation @ 1:12 seconds): Gradient Overlay Animation in Action


      Its a very simple animation at its core. I may just be looking around in the wrong places or using the wrong keywords (I'm very new to Adobe overall) so I'm not sure exactly where to start with these kinds of effects. Really, what I need to know is what tools or animation effects do I need to acomplish the gradient portion. I assume the other items are just titles and image keying, but the gradient I haven't figured out.


      Also, is this simple enough it can be done in Premiere, or am I better off using AE to accomplish this. Ideally its something I would want to reuse as a preset if possible to use in future videos and I may pretty it up and make it more stylized, but I really just need to figure out how to go about making the gradient animation for now.