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    PDF output generated through Webhelp (created using RH) doesn't reflect the font specifications. Also, need help w.r.t. track changes.




      I need help with the following things:


      1. The print output created from webhelp (created using RH) files, shows only plain text. The webhelp output shows bold text (wherever necessary) whereas the PDF doesn't. We use Adobe Acrobat to create/convert webhelp to PDF. Is there something we are missing? Please help.


      2. All updates we made using the track changes feature in RH aren't really distinguished (or show any different) when we create the webhelp output. The changes reflect as plain text in webhelp and aren't really highlighted (different text color, for example). For now, we are manually highlighting the text using different background colors, which is rather effort-intensive. I do know there is an option to create PDF for review, however, the client team has specified that they'd need webhelp files converted to PDF (using Acrobat). Is there a better way of doing this?


      Request someone to throw some light on this.


      Thanks in advance.


      Much regards,