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    Load time

    raghugada Level 1



      Can we decrease the load time of Indesign, because its taking nearly 30 seconds to start up ?

      i am having windows xp 64 bit os, 64bit processor, 4GB RAM


      Is there any way to speed up the load time ?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You don't say what version of InDesign but XP64 has never been supported for any version of Adobe software that I know of.


          That said, XP is dead now and using a 64 bit operating system with anything less than 8 GB of RAM is a questionable tactic.


          If you really want to speed up load times, I would suggest upgrading to a new operating system, a solid state harddrive, lots of RAM and a fast processor. Yes, I'm pretty much telling you to buy a new machine.