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    Putting 2 hitboxes on top of eachother - problem


      Hey people,


      Im trying to make a interactive interface page.

      The idea is to make a few pins in a world map.

      When you hover your mouse over the pin a window expands with contact details.

      In addition. when you click on the website or mail adres. It directs you to a new page.


      But here is my problem:

      When i enter the first hitbox with my mouse that expands the details it works fine.

      But when i put another hitbox on top of it.

      It considers the first hitbox as a: "Mouse out" action.

      So it closes the window again.


      Any idea how i can put 2 hitboxes on top of each other without overruling the other one?


      Hitbox 1 = Red          Hitbox 2 = blue

      Hitbox problem.jpg


      Can anyone help me?


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          Robyn_cpl Level 2



          Sounds like a good idea but the only problem is that once the mouse goes off the hitbox 1 it is classed as a mouse out event because you have moved the mouse onto something else.


          You'd be better having hitbox 1 without a mouse out and when you've done whatever needs to be done on hitbox 2 then do the close event of red box.


          I hope this makes sense.

          I use edge quite a lot and I tend to shy away from using mouse out events because they are a bit of a pain to use. I use a close button so the user has full control of when they want to close the box.