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    Limiting values

      Is it possible to limit numeric values? i.e. if I was to set the arrow keys to move an object around the stage, could some code stop it from going beyond a value point. Or if I was using plus and minus keys to scale an object could I stop it from scaling
      beyond a particular value?

      Any ideas would be appreciated.
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          You need a bit of simple programming logic:

          myClip._x += 10;
          if (myClip._x > 800){
          myClip._x = 800;

          This would limit the referenced clip from going off the edge of the stage,
          given a stage width of 800. Normally, you should also take into account the
          clips width... etc. But this is essentially what you're looking for - add
          your movement or scaling value, then check the clip to make sure it's not
          out of your range.

          Dave -
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            > myClip._x += 10;
            > if (myClip._x > 800){
            > myClip._x = 800;
            > }


            myClip._x = Math.min((myClip._x+10), 800);

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