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    CC membership renewal


      my CC student membership which costs £15.49 inc. VAT ends on the 4th Feb, and i received an email from adobe regarding membership renewal "at the price of 18.26 GBP, plus applicable Tax/VAT".


      £18.26 + 20% UK VAT= £21.91

      i don't understand where this price is from? it's not on the adobe website anywhere. is it likely to increase in future?

      please advise.


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          admgrn Level 1

          i still don't understand... where are they getting this price from? like i said, it isn't a 'normal' price and it isn't the student discount price so... what is it?

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            admgrn Level 1

            i would contact adobe via chat support for an answer but their chat function refuses to work for me at all, which is actually becoming infuriating as i cannot get an answer to this. :-l

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              Ive got the same problem, an unremarkable email to my student account over the holidays thats not checked over the christmas break is not enough 'notice' to hold us to contract. I cant control my own account and its equally difficult to contact these people. Its outrageous and I'm mad as hell. I really wish there were some competing products that use the Pantone colour system.

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                michaeld3211467 Level 1

                My confidence in the product is shaken as we really do not know what we 'have' to pay in the future, Adobe has become the landlord over an entire industry. They cant have it both ways, with a subscription that is required to continue using the product, but at the same time refusing us the right to cancel without penalty after a sneaky auto-renewal. Surely a subscription should work for everyone, it can work for Adobe and it can work for me because I should be able to cancel freely whenever I want.

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                  admgrn Level 1

                  the chat-support feature finally worked after literally a week's worth of attempts and, for anyone who also wishes to know: the new £18.26 + VAT price is actually the regular price of a student subscription, the initial £15.49 is a one-year-only offer. that might sound obvious, but it's worded quite weirdly on the adobe site and also there isn't any explanation in the email, so you're kinda left guessing as to the maths behind it.


                  my issue with adobe is the fact that they literally have your nads in a vice when it comes to the creative cloud subscription business model. it's somewhat evil, because they entice you into using it for a generous year's discount, only to the pump up the price in year 2 and you literally HAVE to comply because you now have a million .cc files on your mac that requires creative cloud applications to open them. this has made me very nervous about using the creative cloud service in future.


                  i also think they should at least have an option where you pick a 3-app bundle for a cheaper price, since i only really need ps, ai and id.


                  luckily, i have CS5 that i bought in my first year of uni so will now begin the pain-staking task of re-saving all my .cc files to earlier versions... yay... -_-