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    Select layer in a group with ctrl - left click problem

    Çağrı BIkmaz

      I used windows 7 64 bit operation system and adobe creative cloud.


      I use creative cloud 2 different place. One of these s my work the other is my home. ı selected layers in a group with ctrl - left click in photoshop in my work place. I dont need the select in drop down menu standing next auto seleck boxes.  But ı couldnt do this on photoshop in my home. When ı use in select a layer in a group with ctrl - left click its disabled auto select. But ı dont want these and ı know its possible becouse ı do every time in the office.  How its possible ? First time its not possible on photoshop in my office too. But a while later ı discover this shotrcut. I tried chance the shortcut in my home ı think these reason cant do this but ı never find these shortcut about this control. I m work multiple grup and layout. And these reason its getting harder to work for me. Becouse ı spend a lot of time in work and photoshop in my work these reason ı get used to select in a layer in group with ctrl - left click combination. you know if your hand getting used to some shortcut its became hard to work otherworking order. This is a huge problem for me please how can ı solve this problem its so silly becouse one of the photoshop (in my work place) do this combination but the other photoshop dont.