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    Convert TTF in FFT DF4 for download swf library for use in the TextFlow


      Hello, please help write a converter from font file TTF in FFT DefineFont v4.

      I need it to real-time import ttf font in AIR app to use this font in the TextFlow.

      For this purpose i use ready-made library "actionscript3 - flash - load-and-register-ttf-font-in-runtime", which is located here.

      This library converts TTF file in the FFT DefineFont v2 but it is not valid for TextFlow, and I need write converter from TTF in FFT DefineFont v4 for TextFlow.

      Converter from TTF to FFT DF2 is located here.


      Maybe someone has a ready example or description of the structure DefineFont v4?

      Any information would be helpful, thank you!