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    Timing in a project differs between machines


      I have a project I've been working on in After Effects, where the project file and all imported files are saved to my dropbox, so I can work on them between machines. Both machines are running OS X Yosemite with the most recent version of After Effects ( I had started and done the majority of the work on the project on Machine 1, and everything was fine and worked as it should. When I later opened the same project on Machine 2, elements were off-time from each other; specifically a motion-tracked object was off-time by about half a second , and not matching up to the clip it was supposed to. I'm not sure if the clips are the part that's off-time, or if the keyframes for the motion-tracked object are off-time.


      I corrected the timing by realigning the keyframes, worked on the project a bit more, and saved. When going back to Machine 1 later, suddenly, the timing was off again. Would anyone know what's causing the project to be read wrong depending on the machine it's running on?