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    Video track disappears and workspace gets corrupt

    HakanErn Level 1

      After having exported a sequence to Media encoder, the video tracks disappear in Premiere Pro CC.


      Please note that the acctual video is showing in program monitor


      Also, when I close and reopens the program, the workspace is corrupt: all windows and panels are pushed to the left and are compressed in width and maximized in height.

      PP_CC_workspace corrupt2.JPG

      I have three monitors, and only windows/panels in the monitor where the "main program" is, is geting corrupt.


      The rendering of vdeos in Media Encoder also only render the audio, when using the DVD-MPEG setting...

      I have now tested other presets too - same result - audio only, and also Mediaplayer cannot read the file at all. I want to add that in the preview window in ME while encoding, video is showing...


      Something is wrong... Anyone knows what or what to do?


      Windows 8.1

      PP CC

      Intel core i7
      RAM 32 GB

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX780