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    Flash Player Update disables "restore all windows from last session" in Safari on Mac


      I am on Mac OS 10.9.5, using safari 7.1.2.  Adobe Flash Player Update loses all safari windows when after update the installer automatically opens safari and just opens flash player website; the "restore all windows from last session" is grayed out in history. The "reopen last closed window" is also grayed out. It has been happening ever since and happened again when I just installed Flash Player ver


      For all other normal working situation I can close safari and reopen and see that I can "restore all windows from last session" and there is no problem.  But on flash Player install (set on manual install), the problem is annoying and costs me a lot of time to restore one by one from history.  I do not think this is a Mac or a Safari issue, but will update to Mac Yosemite help if Adobe Flash Player is updated differently in that setup?


      Please help.