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    Can't Reinstall P'shop CS6


      I just reinstalled my Windows 7 64 bit Professional operating system on an SSD and proceeded to reinstall my programs.  However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to reinstall CS6.


      I originally purchased CS5 Extended and later upgraded to CS6 (not extended).  When I went to reinstall CS6 on my computer I first downloaded the software from Adobe.  When I fired it up, I was told to enter my serial number.  The program told me there was no qualifying package for that number and gave me a choice of Photoshop packages from which to choose.  CS6 Extended was on the list, but not the regular CS6.  I was again told my serial number didn't match the CS6 Extended package.


      I have entertained the thought of reinstalling CS5 Extended from CD and trying the Adobe program again, but it seems to me I'll end up in the same situation I'm in now.  I do not have a CD of the CS6 upgrade so I have no idea what to do.


      Is this a ploy to get me to go with the CC plan?  I notice Adobe no longer provides telephone support for CS6 and below.  So much for the > $1,000 I've invested in their software.


      Please help!  Photoshop jobs are backing up rapidly.



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          Ronald Keller Level 4

          Unless I misunderstood the question or you made a typo the required qualifying package for the upgrade should be CS5 Extended serial number not CS6 Extended?

          In other words you need the CS6 number for the upgrade and the CS5 Extended number as the qualifying product.

          Re-installing CS5 Extended should work too as this is the qualifying product for the CS6 upgrade.

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            gswetsky Level 1

            Now I'm confused.  All I want is to reinstall my CS6 package.  I would like to do it without reloading CS5 Extended if possible.  In any case, CS6 does not appear on the list of products to install, only CS6 Extended.  Also my serial number for CS6 does not work for the CS6 Extended package, which is the only package listed.  If you can give me a step by step instruction as to how to do this, I would be forever indebted.  By the way, yes, I still have my CS5 serial number and although I have the CD for the CS5 package, I did NOT get a CD for the upgrade.



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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Sounds like you're drowning in unnecessary detail.


              After you have entered your CS6 upgrade serial number, what exactly is listed in the subsequent dropdown list for qualifying packages?


              CS5 Extended must be one the the options listed. If not, please post a screenshot of the dropdown.


              You select CS5 Extended, enter your CS5 Extended serial number (which proves to the installer that you're eligible to use the CS6 upgrade serial number) and you're done.

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                Ronald Keller Level 4

                Now ii's my turn to get confused. In your first message you said you already downloaded the software from Adobe. Now you say CS6 does not appear on the list of products to install. What list?

                Anyway you can download CS6 from here




                but follow the instructions to the letter or it will not work.


                Normally if you install an upgrade it will look for a previous qualifying product on the computer (in your case CS5 Extended). As this is not present on your computer it will ask for the serial number of that previous version. So you use your serial number of CS6 to setup CS6 and your serial number from CS5 extended the moment it has searched for a previous version and couldn't find it and asks for the serial number of that qualifying product which is CS5 Extended.

                Sorry if this is not clear but English is not my native language.


                As a side note you could also reinstall CS5 and remove it once CS6 is up and running..

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                  gswetsky Level 1

                  John, thank you for the answer.  It really wasn't clear about having to provide information about CS5 prior to eligibility to install CS6.  I wish I'd asked you folks sooner.  I'm amazed how fast CS6 came up.


                  I hate to ask another question - you've been so kind, but is there any guide as to pulling in my old appdata information or other files to get my settings back?


                  Thanks again!


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                    gswetsky Level 1

                    Ron, I appreciate all your effort, but as you can see from my reply to John, it was unnecessary to load CS5 before getting CS6.  I just had to enter my CS5 information and Adobe saw my eligibility for the CS6 install.  By the way, the entire process from typing "set up" to up and running took about 15 minutes and another 10 or 15 minutes to download all the updates.  I'm impressed!


                    Thanks a lot!