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    Blurry Save


      I have been working on a jff pic, but every day, when I come back to it, the edits I made are blurry for some reason. The only edits I have been making are with the paint brush, and the blur tool. When I save, everything looks fine, but then when I open it, the layer that I am painting on is blurry. Not the real pic that I'm working with, just the layer I actually want. I have a back-up on the file, but its starting to slow me down.



      I know its hard to tell, but it used to be a lot more clear than this, PLEASE HELP ME!

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          norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're right. It is not possible to identify the problem from the image you posted. Click off the eye on all layers except the one you are painting on. When it looks right, make a duplicate of the file, save and close the dupe file. Then reopen the dupe file and compare that layer to the original unclosed file. Judge whether, in fact, there is a difference. If there is, post the layer images.