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    Flash Player 16 fails to install


      Hi, I've been trying to install Flash Player 16 for several weeks but the installation just won't work.


      When running the installer, I briefly see the message "Retrieving install" followed by a bar and "0%". This quickly disappears and all that's left is a black window.


      If I then Quit the installer, Safari opens and I'm taken to a window that says "Adobe Flash Player could not be installed" followed by the options to troubleshoot or go to Help and Support.


      I then uninstalled Flash Player 15 and tried to re-install 16, but that didn't make any difference.


      MacBook Pro 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7

      OS 10.8.5

      Safari 6.0.5

      I had no problems with Flash Player 15 until it stopped working and said it needed updating.