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    parts of an audio player

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      I'm not very skilled with actionscript yet, so bare with me. And I'm going to
      apologize ahead of time for stupid mistakes that I'm bound to make. As the
      title suggests I'm working on making an audio player for an all flash site. I
      think I have most of the script down for the basic functions of the player. The
      player I'm making will dynamically load mp3s and their "info" through an xml
      file. At this stage of devolopement I'm trying to figure out how to make a
      basic volume slider that I can put in with the player. I probably have the hard
      stuff down and am stuck on the easy stuff. Go figure. Would anyone be so kind
      as to stoop down to my level and give me some starters on how to get this
      slider down? Or if anyone has a tutorial that they could point me towards that
      would be great too! Thanks.

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          derobinson Level 1
          In cases such as these, Google is your best friend. Try searching for "flash jukebox tutorial" annd you'lll find a plethora of tutorials and examples. Once you take a loook at those, if you have specific questions, write back here and I'm sure someone would be happy to help out!

          Good luck!