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    Get buttons on a master to show up on all pages on export.


      Argh! This issue has been driving me nuts for days.

      I’m creating a course calendar at work and have some navigational buttons that I’ve created a buttons master, which I then applied to the content master. In my InDesign documents, the buttons show up on every page that I want but when I export to an interactive pdf, they only show up on 3 pages. When you go into the tools editing view in Acrobat, I can see that the buttons exist but they don’t show up!?

      The layers in InDesign are such that the navigational buttons are the top most layer.

      I have no idea what’s going on. This happened a few weeks ago and I fixed it by moving the buttons to the separate button master instead of having them exist on the content master. But now it’s reverting back to the same issue.