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    Premiere Pro CS6 to CC, Graphics/Font to Light.  Please help.




      I currently use Premiere Pro CS6 and have been hesitant to make the switch to CC version because I can not figure out how to fix this issue.   I have on going projects that use the same template setup with text size and placement and when I use CC all of the font seems to have a lighter less bold quality to it.  All the text is Ariel Standard at 100% black.  However, the text weight and color is lost in CC with the same setup from CS6.  The only fix if you want to call it that is copy and pasting a second text layer of the same text over itself and then it is comparable.   Any ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   I feel like the gamma is different for the text/fonts/graphics inside CC.  Graphics that I import are fine, it seems to be graphics/font created inside Premiere that are affected.