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    How do I get this lighting effect?

    Karel Bata



      I created a logo a while back, which I've been very happy with:Twitter L3DFF image.jpg


      But it's time for an update, and I saw this: Microsoft.jpg

      and thought; "Ah!"


      So how do i create that glow?


      I have AE6 (but in case any one suggests using it, ray-tracing is too slow on my machine to be of any use).


      Many thanks.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do it like you did it before, then apply Channel>Invert on an adjustment layer over the top of it.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            I don't see any reason to use ray tracing.  It's not necessary.  Assuming the logo you like has transparency, you can create that "lit from behind"  look with multiple instances of Drop Shadow.  Change the shadow to white, set the distance to 0, and play with softness and opacity across the instances of the effect.  Easy.  It even works if the layer is 3D.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Try duplicating your logo layer or text layer, filling the bottom copy with white, adding fast blur and experimenting with blend modes and opacity. EZ PZ.


              If you want to use 3D layers then add this simple expression to offset your logo layer by one pixel in Z, duplicate it 10 or 20 times, or more, and do the blur trick with the bottom copy.


              Here's the position expression: [value[0], value[1], value[2]+index]


              There are about a zillion ways to do what you want to do.