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    InDesign/InCopy Issues: Missing Assignments & ID files crashing with updating links.

    Soulsurvivorla66 Level 1

      First, I should preface this discussion by saying that I work on the help desk at my company, not on the editorial production staff. The below steps I've collected from one of them. So I apologize if some of this seems convoluted.




      InCopy CS4 PC file exported from CMS system to network share, from which Designers pull the IC file. (Designers work on iMacs and are using latest version of the Creative Cloud Suite).

      The Designers place the IC file onto the ID paste board.

      Text is then copied from the IC file and pasted onto the page.

      Images are added to the InDesign page and then anchored.

      Images are then embedded.

      An export is then done from within InDesign to create the ICMA file.

      The editors work directly on the newly created ICMA file from within InCopy CS4. At times, editor will go back into the file and find themselves unable to edit the file because all of the assignments are missing and cannot be relinked.

      If the designers delete and re-create the assignments, the editor is sometimes able to get back into the ICMA file and perform edits.

      Once done, the designer attempts to open file, updating the links, which causes the crash.


      Has anyone else experienced this issue? We think that excluding the anchored images might fix the issue but am unsure. Does anyone know how to exclude anchored images?