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    Mixing varying framerates and audio frequencies from multiple cameras


      I have to edit a project for a friend that includes filmed event material from multiple cameras I need to mix together. The problem is, due to different camera specs the files are in multiple different framerates and audio frequencies. They are:


      Camera 1: 25 FPS, 48000 hz audio

      Camera 2: 60 FPS, 44100 hz audio

      Camera 3: 29,97 FPS, 48000 hz audio

      Clean WAV audio file (recorded from mixing table) - 44100 hz


      I assumed (well, hoped!) Premiere Pro CC (version 7.2.2) would do most of the dirty work for me so I just imported all the files on the timeline and proceeded to sync the clips by syncing the audio waveforms. I got the audio of the video files synced without a problem, but then noticed that the actual video frames/action don't match between cameras. We're not talking a frame or two here either, it's more like 10 FPS off. Given the circumstances, I'm wondering what is the best way to try to fix the problem? Should I try to convert all the footage to matching specs in Media Encoder or AE and go through the whole importing, syncing and raw trimming the files process all over again, or is there something else to try? I'm familiar with Premiere Pro but not by any means an advanced user, so I'm stuck with unmatching footage with deadline fast approaching and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!