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    Problems with Color Palette/Swatches in InDesign CS6


      This may be a repeat - I'm not sure I posted properly the first time.


      Having trouble with the Swatches in CS6. When I add our institution's colors, they look dull/gray in CS6. I know it's not just my screens because I created a quick EPS in CS5 for comparison. When I add the EPS file to my doc, the colors pop into the Swatches box but they are clearly different colors. The most remarkable is Pantone 484, which used to be a bright scarlet. Now it's a strange, dull mauve.


      I took a screen shot to show a colleague with more experience, but he's stumped. There are very few of us that use InDesign on our campus and we're all self taught. Our tech folks usually come to US for solutions.


      I did try the instructions under "Display or Output Spot Colors Using Lab Values" in the Help menu, but nothing changed. That seemed to be the only applicable FAQ that I could find on my own.


      Here is the relevant chunk of the screenshot I took - can anyone see what's gone wrong? Color blocks are "old" colors, next to Swatches which show the "new" hues.


      Thanks for any help!


      Color Problem.png