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    Installer Doesn't Open

    bayiti Level 1

      Hey Jeromie, so nice of STAFF to pop in, almost a month after the original problem was posted!


      If you read all of the posts on this thread, you'll see that there are a multitude of problems reported. The only ones you've commented on are the "black box" and "the video that was showing up as green".


      How about those of us who can't even get the installer to open?


      I've tried everything on the video troubleshooting guide, including disabling Hardware Acceleration. I also have the latest driver for my graphics hardware -


      I don't come to a forum looking for a solution unless I've exhausted all possible options myself first.


      To date, I'm still unable to install the latest version. I understand that it's your job to promote the latest version, and to strongly advise against using an older version. But if I took that advice, I would've spent the past months with zero ability to watch Flash video.


      So, until Adobe can get the new product to work, I'll be using the old one that does.