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    Using a dummy/fake Submit button and a hidden "Real Submit" button

    Geckoz100 Level 1

      I'm editing someone else's file in LCD ES2, and I'm really new with this software (2 weeks).  I don't know how to code XML or Java, but if you tell me where to put code, I can do that.  So I have this form that has "Dummy Submit" and "Real Submit" buttons. I don't really understand why the two are necessary, but I have seen some other discussions on the matter, so it seems like it's a common practice.  Can someone explain how they work together?

      Here is the XML I pulled from the Dummy Submit button:


      <event activity="click" name="event__click">

            <script contentType="application/x-javascript">RealEmail.event__click.submit.target = "mailto: someone@domain.com" + "?subject=Request a Speaker" + "&amp;body=" + "Please find our request for a speaker attached. \n \n" + xfa.resolveNode("#subform[0].PointOfContact").rawValue + "\n" + xfa.resolveNode("#subform[0].ContactPhone").rawValue ;





      Here's the XML from the Real Submit button:


                 <event activity="click" name="event__click">

                     <submit format="pdf" textEncoding="UTF-16" xdpContent="pdf datasets" target="someone@domain.com"/>



      Can these scripts also be entered in the Script Editor in LCD?  Any help is greatly appreciated.