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    Pagefile and Swapfile Importance?

    johnt53984649 Level 2

      Take the following setup:

      5960X CPU

      2 GTX 970s

      32GB DDR4 RAM

      MSI Gaming 7 Motherboard

      256 GB 850 Pro (OS + Programs), 1 TB 850 Pro, 2TB Seagate HDD*


      *Please note that the HDD is not used for video editing.  It's merely a backup and for other files that I don't need in editing.  However, it is relevent in my following question:


      Although I know that the 850 Pro has a great lifespan and all that, I'm still extremely new to using SSDs.  This question revolves around the use of the pagefile in Adobe and how important it is.


      So, please be aware that, generally, when I've tried rendering several things on this machine (I obtained it fairly recently, so I can't say I've tried everything yet) it seems that Premiere Pro consumes approximately 70ish percent of the RAM (as seen from the Task Manager) while rendering.  I know that's not ALL of the RAM, obviously, but I'm still curious as the following:


      • Is the pagefile still used EVEN THOUGH the RAM might not be 100% utilized? (With all programs running, it's using about 85% during a render.)
      • Does Premiere Pro or After Effects need to use the pagefile ever?
      • If it does need to use the pagefile, if I were to move both the pagefile and swapfile to the other HDD, what might I expect to notice in terms of performance (both with Adobe applications and just the desktop in general)?  I would only want to do this to minimize writes to the drive.

      I know that all of this is more than superficial, especially since I know that Samsung Magician can limit the size of the pagefile so that it's quite small, but I'm mostly curious as what I could expect if I were to move these files over to the HDD.