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    What's the deal with the CC menubar panel?

    jimhere Level 1

      What's the deal with the CC menubar panel? The tab to the apps are gone -- looks like it wants me to update the panel itself rather than list my installed apps. I've been on CC for about a month, is this common? Thankfully I can still open all apps normally, but the internet seems to think the "CC Way" is a horror show.


      Do you guys have trouble after updating the updater? All this talk of running "the cleaner" (a mafia term?) and reinstalling everything with each version bump is kinda scary. It could be that people only post online when things go wrong, and 95% of people update just fine. But since I'm new I guess I'd want some reassurance before committing to a night of Cleaning and Reinstalling...


      I'm one of those people who think app updates very 12 to 18 months was just fine (and stable). Would it be harmful to ignore updates for a few months? Lets see, I have a healing brush, smart objects, a blob tool, pretty good 3D in AE, ID seems to handle type pretty well… there's really no reason to update every month is there?


      -- Jim

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