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    Why am I getting a trial version of Adobe CC and Adobe CC 2014 after an update?


      I am an Adobe CC subscriber for the past one and a half year. Adobe has already charge my credit card account for the month of January 2015 last 01-05-2015.

      Someone from Adobe tech support had help me with my issues in updating the Adobe illustrator 2014 which other functions does not seems to work, yesterday.

      After a long hours in the phone, the update was successful. I used  illustrator and Photoshop all night long without any problem. This morning Adobe CC,

      prompted me with an update which I normally do as usual.

      Earlier today, when ready to use Dreamweaver, I get prompted to log-in to my account which I have a choice not to do so since my work is never been linked in Adobe Cloud as usual.

      That is when I have noticed that the update that I have made when prompted change the Adobe CC subscription that I am paying for into a TRAIL VERSION.

      I thought, this experience is a joke. Is anybody who subscribe to Adobe CC has the same issue, Please share your thoughts...would be glad to get an answer.

      Thanks a lot!