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    This book has been returned.  Loan not on record


      I've used Adobe Dig Ed on a Windows XP computer for years with no problems.  I recently switched over to Windows 8.1, and reinstalled Adobe DE, and went through the authorization step for the computer.  Then I downloaded two books from the library, and read them with no problems.  However, the next time I tried I ran into problems.  I am able to download the books to Adobe DE.  I can open the books in Adobe DE (but it would be tough to read in ADE on the computer, because of no formating). I can copy the books to my nook, the same way I always have, and they show up in my nook.  But when I try to open in Nook, I get "Error dialog - This book has been returned.  Loan not on record".

      I turned off Virus protection and tried again, with same results.

      Any help?