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    Echosign for Salesforce.com Communities

    amitd8206440 Level 1

      We have been using Echosign for a long time. We have transitioned our users over to SFDC Communities and the echosign app fails. Works fine in regular SFDC account. We can get to the agreements page/tab. When we click send the popup div launches and the progress bar gets about 1/4 of the way through and then the window just closes itself. No errors no messages just returns the control back to the page.


      We have about a 100+ users that are dead in the water right now... any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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          danielr57978004 Level 1


          Can you please tell me which version of the EchoSign for Salesforce managed package you are on?


          Also, have you checked all of the permissions for the communities users profiles a it relates to EchoSign? The other thing to check is if the EchoSign user associated with the communities user, identified by their email address, is active and valid.