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    Confused my missing files

    southwestform Level 1

      Using LR 4 and Yosemite.


      - I have 43,925 listed under all photographs

      - I have 1514 listed under Missing photographs


      When I select a file and right click to have it show in Finder, this message displays:

      “2013-02-02 16.21.58.mp4” could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?


      Previous location: /Volumes/Photos/transfer to mp-2-4-13/2013-02-02 16.21.58.mp4


      I navigate to the folder on the drive and it is not there.


      1. The file name seems a bit strange and doesn't seem like something that my camera would have produced with all of the periods. Does LR change the file in any way?

      2. I would have never have deleted this particular file and I never move my files or change their names on the hard drive. Does anyone have any suggestions for something I might try to check to see if it is somehow somewhere else?

      3. When does a file become "missing?" As I go through the Missing Photographs, I see some that I may have deleted from my catalog because I didn't see anything special about them. When is a photo considered "Missing" in LR?