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    How do I force Lightroom to re-import duplicate photos?


      I recently had a hard drive fail, I am trying to reimport a set of photos that were on that drive that I had backed up on a CD and when I attempted to locate the files clicking the "!" I directed it to the new location of those photos but the name is not the same as the name of the file that was originally imported so that is not working.  I need to just force lightroom to re-import the photos, turning off the "don't import suspected duplicates" but the frustrating part is that I cannot find the file handling section on my right hand panel when I try to import the photos - the photos are all greyed out and the file handling tab that is supposed to be on the right hand panel of the import screen has just disappeared leaving me very frustrated....

      Any help is much appreciated. 

      Also, is calling a customer service number to ask this question not an option??




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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The file handling options aren't visible if you have chosen to simply Add the images. If these images are on a CD or DVD, try copying them to a folder on your hard drive. I suggest creating the folder where you would want it to be in your Lightroom tree. Then simply use the Add option to import from that folder. If the files are not named the same as they were for the previous import they should import without a problem. If they import fine then you can remove that other folder where they are shown as missing.

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            meganmcallister Level 1

            Thank you for the reply Jim. I should have clarified in my initial question that I had already saved the photos off of the CD to a new designated folder.  When I clicked that I wanted to locate the missing photos and navigated to the new location it gave me an error message saying are you sure since the file names are different. I said that I was sure and then that one photo disappeared (I'm sure it's somewhere in lightroom but not in the original folder anymore). So I then tired reimporting the photos (not from the cd but from the new location) but had the issue mentioned originally.  Grayed out photos, no file handling tab In the right panel of the import screen. 

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              Here what I did and seemed to correct the issue.

              1. In file explorer I went to the folder location and renamed the original folder. (I just add -RE to the folder name)

              2. imported the renamed images from the renamed folder.

              3. returned to the folder location again. I renamed the folder back to its original name. (I removed the -RE from the folder name.)

              Now the folder original folder in Lightrooms library folders is no longer grayed out because of missing links to the photos. Lastly I deleted the folder of the renamed files from Lightrooms library folders.

              I know it seems convoluted but its repaired the file linking problem I was having without a re-import of the files.

              Best of luck.