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    'Unknown Error' export , CUDA processing failing, bugs and freezing


      Hi all,


      I tried to post this in a chat as it says open Sunday 6pm - Friday 7pm. I guess they're not cause it says that option is closed. And I have read through plenty of peoples posts with similar problems but they're rarely specific to my exact issues.




      Problem #1: When attempting to export a sequence I often get an unknown error while the video is encoding. In the past I've tried searching for separations in clips, searching for missing files, changing the export disk, changing the disk the whole project was on, reinstalling Pr, restarting my computer, and changing the scratch disk yet none of this has helped. All the files that make up the sequence are locatable, although in many cases the projects have been swapped onto a different disk.



      Problem #2: Sometimes my CUDA Mercury Playback Engine option is not available. I wouldn't expect it to be able to have this inconsistency as I figured the hardware would either be capable or not capable. This is a big problem because when CUDA isn't available I have to allow a lot of extra time for projects because of how noticeably slower Premiere runs and renders.



      Problem #3: The application constantly has bugs and shuts down unexpectedly. Even with my autosave set to every 10 minutes it still takes up a lot of time to restart and find the correct autosave file and redo up to 9 minutes of work at a time. The application both freezes and closes down completely approximately 4 times a day even though I do the updates regularly and have even done a clean install.


      I appreciate any help, thank you!