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    need patch for .ARW files in PS 7


      Using PS 7 on Windows@ XP system. Cannot open / work with Sony .ARW (RAW) files. Is there a patch? I do not want to use the Sony software to convert the files out of RAW structure first. Cannot run Sony software as it will only run on Vista or newer. Trying not to upgrade to newer PS.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          WEll, let me be straight: You are buying a new camera and hang on to 10 years + old software, not wanting to upgrade anything? How does any of this make any sense? Raw support requires a suitably contemporary version of Photoshop and Camera Raw and that is that. You cannot evade the issue and simply must accept that your computer is not up to the task.



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            siradobealot Level 1

            Camera: Sony ILCE6000  (a6000)Software: Adobe Photoshop 7Software: DNGConverter 8.3OS: MSFT Windows XP Pre-conversion file type: .ARW

            I installed & tried the Adobe "DNG Converter 8.3".It fails stating "the source folder does not contain any camera supported RAW files."I am trying to do this without upgrading to a newer PS.Working with the Cloud is not an option for me either as much of what I do is without an internet connection available.

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              ExedyUSA Level 2

              Time to buy a newer computer and newer software. Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP and they strongly recommend upgrading to at least Windows 7. You could run something open source as a RAW converter but commercial support for Windows XP is rapidly drying up.


              I'm guessing that Sony won't support XP much longer either.

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                Bo LeBeau Level 4

                According to Adobe you need DNG 8.4 not 8.3   Camera Raw plug-in | Supported cameras


                Also, have you updated your Photoshop 7 to 7.0.1 and installed the ACR plugin 1.x?

                This was an optional install of the very first ACR plugin.


                You would also need to use DNG converter to save back to the oldest possible version of ACR (ver 1.x) to be even able to use in PS 7.0.1

                Since this was the 1st ACR it will be very limited in features.

                If you really don't want to update to a newer Photoshop, you can at least buy a version of Photoshop Elements that will run on XP for about $100.


                Note that the ACR in Elements is a smaller subset of the features that are available in ACR for the full version of Photoshop.

                But it will still have a lot more functionality than ACR 1.x for PS 7.01.

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                  siradobealot Level 1

                  Bo LeBeau

                  I will look in to the DNG 8.4, When I downloaded ver 8.3 I thought it was the newest available and it listed the a6000 among supported cameras.

                  I must have been mistaken, I'll look further.

                  To those chiding me about the age of my OS, hardware etc... I've been in IT for more years than many of the users of PS have been alive. I design my own systems. I have computers still running fine from before Windows was written. I still use camera equipment (Leica) from the 1960's. There are benefits to XP that are not in some of the newer OS.Normally I do not need MSFT support... I resolve and inform them.  Age does not define quality nor resolve all issues. If there is no solution known and upgrading is the only workaround, fine. However the knee jerk reaction most tend to make that one must always buy the newest hardware, newest software is false.

                  Companies, often due to capitalism, indoctrinate us and want to have us follow that path. Planned obsolescence.

                  My Zeiss, Hasselblad & Leica equipment from circa 50's & 60's still function great today, fantastic quality and have never once needed repair.

                  Does anyone believe the new equipment even the new Zeiss lens' with their electronics and motors will be able to function without drastic repair in 50 years?

                  Again I do thank those trying to help with constructive ideas & guidance.