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    With Latest Update, Premiere CC Crashing at 100% Export, with Increased File Sizes

    SDCone Level 1

      I'm a bit baffled, and hoping someone can help. With the latest update of Premiere CC, I am having trouble exporting to Vimeo. As a filmmaker and educator in Chicago, I do a lot of exporting to Vimeo, up until now with great success. Over the past few days, not only is Premiere crashing at 100% export, but it seems to be exporting larger files than before (and with fewer Vimeo options, I notice, in Media Encoder). Not only did this happen with a 30-minute class exercise straight out of a Canon camcorder, that inexplicably was being exported at around 3 or 4Gs, but more importantly: I am trying to replace the video file on Vimeo of a feature film of mine, and the EXACT same feature film, at the exact same length (82 minutes), with the exact same export stats, that was 3 GB in all it's past successful exports, is now exporting, inexplicably, as a 9 GB file - it's Vimeo HD 1080 - always is. Nothing has changed at all on my end.


      This is a problem, as I have several items to export to Vimeo in the coming days. What's going on?